Drifting Along With Eddie

Kind of feel like this might be the last of what I've been thinking about as my Drift studies.  These were a quick series of thoughts.  They started like so much of my work does, my intent was different until the moment I started.  I was going to do another still life drawing, when I looked out of my studio window and saw this perfect little snowdrift, so I drew that.  Snow drifts are magical, gracefully placed, interventions on the landscape.  So gorgeous.  I'm amazed there are not more paintings of them.  

A favorite quote about the creative process is from Eddie Van Halen, quoting Duke Ellington (I think). He said "Making music is like falling down the stairs and always landing on your feet".  I think painting and drawing is very similar.  There's a sort of inevitability about what is going to happening.  I never judge my work, I don't think "oh that's a good one or that one sucks or whatever..."  

Ok that's kind of a lie but I work to not do that.  

So the quote implies that.  Art is this process and then you land on your feet.  Landing on your feet only means you survive.  It means you are human and you are alive and THAT'S what your art is about. 

But back to the drifts.  I think my first large-scaled painting for the grant will be one of a drift.  Not sure, I might look out my window and then all bets are off.  

Here's the recent one.  And as always, thank you for checking this out.  

Drift   2018  11"x15"