For the past ten years or so my work has been characterized by diverse yet interrelating styles.  Each series has unique qualities and sources of reference.  At the same time, these distinct bodies of work inform one another, contributing to a free forming creative dialogue.  Please click on the image to navigate to each individual portfolio.

Memory of Water

Memory of Water began on an island off the coast of Maine. They are paintings that respond to and reflect upon water.  I had the privilege of attending a one month artist residency at the Helliker-LaHotan Foundation on the Great Cranberry Island, Maine.  My studio was on the edge of a tidal bay.  Every day the tide came in and went out while I painted.  These paintings started in response to that profound natural cycle.  I have also always lived near lakes or rivers.  So this series references deep memories and experiences of water.   

Magical Landscapes

Magical Landscapes refer to landscape but take a more inventive and improvisational approach.  Inspired by the early American modernist painters such as Georgia OKeefe, Charles Burchfield and Marsden Hartley these paintings are meant to evoke and express a sense of wonder about the natural world.  Formal treatments; patterns, dots and poured paint refer to natural elements and phenomenon such as wind, rain, gravity and soil.  

Oddly Shaped Paintings

The Oddly Shaped Paintings began by goofing around in the wood shop with scraps of wood.  The work evolved to encompass large installations in public spaces.  It is a body of work inspired by Mexican Folk art and my father, Joseph Frink's, folk art woodworking.  

Vertical Landscapes

My vertical landscapes are a new series of paintings.  Inspired by Chinese scroll paintings and tapestries combined with the view out of the Poor Farm Studio windows.  The vertical compositions emphasizes the use of gravity that allows the water and pigment to describe a natural flow.  They are visual comments on the relationship between control and freedom.  I'm also capitalizing on the relationship between wet and dry surface to create patterns, lines and figure ground tension.   


My drawings are works that adhere to some basic ideas about drawing.  They are mostly based upon perceptual observation without using photos.  Still life arrangements and landscapes are the subject.  Materials are typically limited to pencil, colored pencil, ink and charcoal.  The intent of this work is to find a "meditative pause" while doing other work.  They are works that are meant to foster a quiet, meditative response in the viewer.  

Island Lake Wisconsin

Island Lake is a place in northern Wisconsin where I have lived or visited since was eight years old. In a sense this is my "soul place".  A place of deep inspiration.  

Public Art Projects



I had the opportunity to create a large public work at the University of Wisconsin Baraboo/Sauk County in Baraboo, Wisconsin.  Located in their new science building it is titled "Bounce".  Comprised of seven individual shaped pieces that refer to scientific phenomenon and natural processes. Stars, constellations, wind, rain, rivers, sun and moon are some of the image references in Bounce.  Each component is intended to function as an individual painting within the context of the entire work.  It is installed in a large public space on five different surfaces at different heights.  The goal was to create an energetic statement involving the whole space.  The title refers to the idea of stored energy in an object that is released creating movement and force.  Since the work is located at an educational institution the title suggests a metaphor for an education being "stored potential energy".

I'm always interested in other public projects.  If interested please contact me via the contact form.   

Pet Portraits