The First Decision

My studio is a disaster, my shop is a disaster...stuff everywhere!

My work is back from different exhibitions. I just finished a huge remodel of a space in the Poor Farm. Now I have to start organizing. I've learned over the years it's all about the first decision. I'll pick up that bit of string over there on the floor, that tiny little bit of junk, the hunk of plastic--that is how things start.  My personal philosophy to anything is to just start with the tiniest problem, or the most insignificant action, focus on that and the rest follows.   

If I think about the enormity of the problem, before I make those tiny decisions, I would never start.

Making a painting is exactly the same way.  I have to make that first, usually very small, random decision, then the rest falls into place.  It's almost easy.  I try to teach this to my students but they are so often focusing on the grand things, the big questions and problems that they often become frustrated and don't do anything.  Or what they make is compromised by their frustration.    

I hope you have a good day focusing on the tiny things.